BioClaim™ is the only patented solution to prevent health care fraud and medical identity theft. The BioClaim™ system provides a comprehensive answer to provide proof for the payer and the provider of a patient’s physical presence to receive a service and confirmation that the patient is who they claim they are.

BioClaim™ ensures that four key pieces of information are provided for every transaction: Patient Identifier, Provider Identifier, the Date and Time the service was provided, and Patient Biometric proof by the use of a biometric id.

BioClaim™ is a unique biometric solution because it safely stores the entire biometric template. It provides verification a patient was present for the claim being filed. Other Biometric and SmartCard companies do not store this information and cannot provide this important proof of presence to further assist in preventing healthcare fraud.

Other biometric companies claim they eliminate fraud using a biometric device but rely on the front desk to stop a fraudulent transaction if the biometric does not match. Without the record created by the BioClaim™ solution, all parties are lured into a false sense of security. The BioClaim™ record provides proof that a claim is valid or fraudulent.

Phantom billing claims are eliminated since BioClaim™ requires biometric proof of patient presence to process a claim. The Biometric data ensures that the eligible client was present to receive the services being filed. BioClaim™ completely eliminates fraud resulting from billing for visits that never take place.

Up-coding is eliminated using BioClaim's™ capability of timing a patient in and timing the patient out of the health care location. A physician cannot up-code the time and modalities as BioClaim™ provides biometric proof of the time spent at the doctor's office.

Card Swapping and Medical Identity Theft are addressed as biometrics will not allow fraudulent use of client benefits as a result of presenting the wrong medical identification. Although the member/patient id is the same the biometric template will NEVER match. BioClaim™ protects patients, providers and payers since BioClaim™ will alert the provider BEFORE they provide services.

BioClaim™ is an entirely pre-payment solution. Proof can be provided prior to a claim being adjudicated and paid. This removes the operation costs resulting from the “pay and chase” methodology for detecting fraud. BioClaim™ benefits payers, providers and patients with a unique and superior solution for addressing fraud in healthcare.