Payer Benefits

  • Payers save money since they no longer have to pay fraudulent claims.
  • Payers save money currently spent on detecting and pursuing fraudulent insurance claims.
  • BioClaim™ reduces costs which in turn can reduce insurance premiums making health care more affordable resulting in more customers.
  • An investment in BioClaim™ technology can yield an R.O.I. of 969% for the average insurance company by significantly reducing fraud, currently about 6% of thier annual expenditures.

Provider Benefits

  • BioClaim™ protects a provider and the practice from liability by ensuring the only medical entries in a patient's chart are those that belong to that patient and not someone who stole that patient's identity.
  • BioClaim™ assists in complying with the "Red Flag Rules."
  • BioClaim™ can provide eligibility and co-payment information at point-of-service.
  • BioClaim™ increases collections as a provider will get paid at time of treatment rather than attempting to collect deductible payments.
  • 99% of patients appreciate their provider protecting them against fraud, based off surveys in our pilot locations.

Patient Benefits

  • BioClaim™ eliminates medical identity theft which can result in false medical records, denial of health coverage or higher premiums.
  • BioClaim™ prevents electronic health record errors which can result in receiving the wrong treatment or medications.
  • BioClaim™ can help prevent co-payment increases resulting from phantom billing.
  • BioClaim™ helps reduce healthcare premiums by preventing healthcare fraud.
  • BioClaim™ helps to make sure your tax dollars do not pay for fraudulent claims against Medicare, Medicaid and other taxpayer-funded health programs.