1. A biometric device replaces the sign in sheet in a medical office.
  2. The patient uses the biometric device to scan their right index finger.
  3. A unique biometric template id is generated based on an analysis of the patient’s finger print scan.
    • The finger print is NOT stored as an image, it is only used to create and validate the biometric template id. We are compliant with patient privacy laws.
  4. At every visit the BioClaim™ program logs a claim entry by collecting key pieces of data: Patient Id, Provider Id, a valid Biometric template id, and the date, time and location of the visit.
  5. The claim entry is transmitted to a database where it is stored.
  6. Prior to an insurance company or the government paying the claim, Biometric authentication is provided confirming that a given patient was at a given place at a given time.