BioClaim™ is a patented software product that uses biometrics to authenticate a patient at the point of service. We place a biometric device (typically a fingerprint scanner) in a physician’s office to replace a conventional sign in sheet. BioClaim™ can also be used in conjunction with a smart card.

When a patient enters the office, they will sign in using the biometric device by simply placing their finger on the scanner. We convert the biometric to a computer template. We never store the print so we are compliant with patient privacy. Also acquired during the visit is a patient identifier which is stored with the biometric id in our database.

A registration code in the biometric device tells us which provider has which scanner. In every transaction we collect a patient identifier, a biometric print as well as a provider identifier (NPI or taxpayer ID), the date, time and location of the service.

BioClaim™ has been under development since 2003. Development of BioClaim™ has always followed industry standards, giving users a choice of operating systems and hardware platforms. The market has since validated that foresight. Today, we still maintain hardware independence allowing our clients a wider choice of computer and operating system options including: all versions of Windows 32 bit operating systems and web browsers. We also allow a choice of networks that best meets your needs. BioClaim™ can be installed in a client-server network, a thin-client environment or be accessed via a web browser.