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Biometric ID
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The Problem

The problem is health care fraud. Phantom billing, up-coding, card swapping and medical identity theft are the most pervasive types of fraud resulting in estimated losses between 60-220 billion dollars per year.

Other biometric and smartcard company products do not offer a complete solution to healthcare fraud. Most products rely on the front desk to stop a fraudulent transaction. BIOCLAIM™ removes the reliance on the people who are often part of the fraud and creates an auditable technological record.

BIOCLAIM™ is the solution to healthcare fraud.

The Solution

BIOCLAIM™ is a comprehensive solution to healthcare fraud.

BIOCLAIM™ solves:
Phantom Billing Up-coding
Card Swapping Medical Identity Theft

While other companies claim to prevent healthcare fraud, BIOCLAIM™ is the only solution that stores the biometric template and data so that the payer, whether that is an insurance company or the Government, can be provided biometric proof that a patient was physically present to receive the alleged services prior to paying a claim.

Complying with the Red Flags Rule? According to FTC rules, your Identity Theft Prevention Program may include biometric authentication to identify and authenticate customers.